Microsoft on a Macro-level

Microsoft has been a huge name in the computer industry and continues to be successful with the way they promote their products and values. Their use of social media platforms is a vital attribute of how the company reaches out to consumers and followers. Microsoft puts an emphasis on what they believe their products promote and it’s definitely evident on the different social networks they have. Twitter is a social media platform that enables users to write microblogs and communicate with friends and even companies who have accounts. What makes Microsoft different is that they have several Twitter accounts that serve specialized purposes in order to assist help-seeking customers with whatever they specifically need. Microsoft’s main twitter account usually updates users with upcoming products and inspirational content that relate to their values such as passion, innovation and contributing to the world.


Microsoft employees and management from different parts of the world have also been utilizing social media as a way for the company to communicate internally with Microsoft’s employees. Employees from Canada find this method of corporate communication to be the most beneficial in a working environment since it promotes overall employee engagement and also helps with finding solutions that are addressed to the entire group of employees. The social media tool that they use is called Yammer and many of the higher ranked employees state that the system helps in getting work done more efficiently since it’s an online community where nobody is restricted from anything going on in the company.

Social media has played a huge role in Microsoft’s success from utilizing it to promote their products and customer services, as well as incorporating online communication within their business to complete tasks in a timely manner. Microsoft’s dynamic tools have allowed other businesses to engage with their customers more deeply with the help from their Social Engagement tool to allow businesses to analyze data from social media platforms. Microsoft continues to be one of the most popular and respected companies in the computer industry with all the technological innovations they bring in. Microsoft has definitely kept up with social media’s development and how to target their customers on new networks.


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