Samsung: The Unsung Hero

Social media is a useful tool for any firm in the computer/software industry, but it isn’t just about creating a Facebook page or an official Twitter account.  Between text mining and social media optimizing, Samsung acts as an example to investigate successful techniques in the industry. 

Retweeting, reblogging, and reposting isn’t enough though. Text analysis is a useful tool, and is more likely to yield successful results. Not only does it give insight on product popularity and reviews, but also can provide insight longer after the initial product launch.  Through text mining, Samsung discovered essential customer feedback from all the social media big data on its Galaxy S3 that could later be used for future models and design modifications.

However, Samsung also integrated text analysis into their new product launch of the Galaxy Note 4.  Samsung brilliantly created a three-part documentary using social media stars, Rudy Mancuso (Vine) and Shaun McBride (Snapchat).  The campaign was targeting the under-30 target audience by using social media in an innovative way.  The stars created their own content about the Galaxy Note, including its specs.  Using Twitter, Samsung was able to involve others in the conversation with the hashtag #NoteMyDay.  Then, sentiment analysis was used to find negative tweets within a small five-mile radius for Mancuso and McBride to improve the tweeter’s life by using a Galaxy Note 4.  The third phase expanded to a global scale of improving people’s day.  The campaign was so successful that it helped in selling 13.5 million sold Galaxy Note 4 for Q4 in 2014.

(SOURCE: YouTube)

The campaign in action can be seen in the above video or watch on YouTube here from 1:41-1:37.

Not only does Samsung execute content sharing well on social media, but also wins in engagement.  During the Rio Summer Olympics, Samsung understood the audience and posted relevant content for them.


SOURCE: Twitter

For example, as featured, one of their most shared posts on Twitter was celebrating India’s first Olympic gymnast with their tweet.

On average, they had a rate of 13,000 engagements per post.  Furthermore, the posts occurred jointly with the Games, they focused on big match ups and popular athletes.  Finally, Samsung created shareable inspirational videos and graphics with the hashtag #DoWhatYouCant.


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