Industry See, Industry Do

The fast paced environment of mobile technology is further hastened when it combines with the urgency of news and journalism. Publishing apps or social applications that provide access to magazines or newspapers, like Snap, are essential in reaching more than just a younger audience. Two-thirds of adults get news on digital devices and 56% of this fraction prefers accessing news via mobile devices to desktops. The number of young adults that access news on mobile apps is approximately double that. However, advancement in tech and software is what forced these traditional print sources to migrate online. The computer/software industry is an undeniably strong force among other industries and will continue to involve others in its involvement.

Mobile application software and development is a significant investment for companies to make, which often pays off if it delivers value to the user. The app must be largely glitch free, and it has to be fast- it must perform and load the content quickly. What then makes these apps and their content social, which the traditional medium is not, is the added function of interactivity, participation and shareability through features like a comment section or a sharing widget. It must also allow constant adjustment and updates due to the nature of journalism. The positives of mobile app software is that it is more customizable for users and provides more data for companies so they can better understand their audiences’ browsing behavior. Software has opened up these doors to better understand consumers and help other organizations with their search for consumers online. Listening to readers’ and users’ behaviors is key. Sometimes they think they know what they want, but it does not translate to what they use. The Dallas Morning News has gone through with multiple experiments when it comes to presenting content on mobile platforms.  For example, when it came to sports coverage, readers believe they want to watch an entire game on their mobile device, but realistically, they would rather watch highlight videos and game summaries.img_0877

The other option is to integrate the editorial company into an existing app, preferably one that encourages sharing and social interaction similar to the way Snap (formerly Snapchat) does with its Discover page. Some of the companies within the newspaper and magazine realm are Cosmopolitan, People, DailyMail, CNN, National Geographic and Vogue.

Being a partner with Discover on Snap is currently considered VIP within the industry. Some joke that CNN’s Snap channel receives more views than its own cable channel on TV. Snap is just the beginning of what the future may hold when it comes to the distribution of content across a variety of digital channels. The software industry is continually evolving and is consequently forcing other industries to do so as well.


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