WhatsApp with the Future of Messaging

Communication applications are gaining increasing popularity, while not in the lead, they are a close second behind social media applications. WhatsApp is right on the heels of Facebook for leading social networks worldwide with one billion worldwide users  from more than 100 countries. Although social media’s popularity grew exponentially, the new trend now seems that people have taken the opposite approach of broadcasting everything.

Source: Emily Cohn / Tech Insider 

What are the fundamentals of communication apps that make them advantageous in a world of social media? Messaging apps are noted for their ease of use, being free with Wi-Fi, platform-friendly, facilitating both one-on-one and group conversations, and providing SMS and voice calls. Recently, it goes beyond everyday conversations between friends and family. Fashion forward companies, such as Everlane and Zulily, are even experimenting with using Facebook Messenger to create an edge against competitors by allowing customers to place orders and returns, and therefore, creating a relationship. Messaging apps have helped bring customers and businesses closer together and helps improve customer service.

Although it seems like a new movement in the United States, in European and Asian countries, it has been a progressive effort out of necessity due to high SMS costs. The Chinese version of WhatsApp, Weixen, has evolved to include abilities to book flights, check in for flights, donate to charities, play games, buy movie tickets, manage banking, video conference, and make doctor’s appointments. Weixen has taken a basic text message app, refined and advanced it, in turn, eliminated the necessity for other apps or websites. It is an app that fulfills communication, commerce, and service needs.


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