Enhancing Customer Engagement

IT professionals are an essential factor in helping any business measure their performance on online communities and social media. Now that many businesses use social media as one of the main forms to reach out and engage with their customers, IT application leaders help those businesses figure out the best way to maintain customer relationships from their social media platforms. In order for businesses to fully understand the value of social media, they usually analyze and determine the main reasons customers visit their online networks.gartner-pic

Many organizations feel it is necessary for them to expand their system of customer engagement because it gives them the opportunity to understand the needs of the customers in more detail. The IT leaders’ job is to find innovative ways to harmonize the different channels of interaction that customers use to communicate with companies. This can include social media users that directly message the company or simply mention the company name on social networks. Therefore, companies’ IT department will be able to efficiently connect employees with users who need answers on issues, as well as connect customers with others who have similar issues. This entire system of customer engagement develops an improved way to analyze different forms of online engagement for the company as a whole.

Not only has the computer industry allowed for customer engagement via online networks, it has also provided products for retailers to benefit from to better interact with customers who visit in person. For example, some True Religion stores have been using Apple’s iBeacon in order for their employees to receive signals to their Apple Watches about a customer when they walk into the store; assuming they have the store’s app on their phone. This gives the employee a head start to know the customer’s name and other store history. apple-watch

Overall, this development in technology of detecting users’ location enables companies to build personal relationships with their customers in order for them to have a satisfied experience in store. The computer industry knows the importance of customer engagement, which is why they continue analyzing social media interactions as well as improve the digital devices used to enhance a customer’s relationship with a business.


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