Be the IT Influencer

Most organizations today understand the need for social influencers. The key is to identify and engage with potential influencers who will have the maximum influence on consumers for the specific brand or product.

Developers as Influencers

The tech industry relies on highly complex systems. When these systems break down, users will turn to the internet and platforms like how-to blog posts and forums in order to solve an issue.

Softwares are constantly updating, and customers need to be able to keep up with this information, or they won’t invest in the product. There is a serious need for quickly accessible, clear, and authoritative information. Computer/software companies can benefit tremendously by using developers as influencers. In fact, Microsoft identifies 60% of their top SharePoint influencers as developers, consultants or specialists. Consumers are having a difficult time keeping up, and trust people in the industry to help them use the computer or software to the best of their ability.

Business Partners as Influencers

On Facebook, IT companies should consider engaging with other companies as their influencers. IT organizations are involved in a lot of business to business, so companies they do business with will share their posts, or post about the benefits the computer or software has provided for their business.

CEO’s and CIO’s as Influencers

On LinkedIn, CEO’s and CIO’s are key influencers in the industry, especially when it comes to B2B. They will participate in conversations regarding complex software and systems.

Don’t ignore possible influencers outside the technology realm

We can see the benefit of identifying the best possible influencer through Orange France’s Homelive launch. The product allows users to control home products through a single system. Orange was emerging into a market they were unfamiliar with, so they turned to Traackr, a system that allows their customers to track and manage influencer networks over the cloud, to identify key influencers.

Orange had broad knowledge of tech influencers, but the software helped them identify two more influencer groups, “lifestyle and design”, and “connected home.”  When working with designer influencers they tend to connect over Instagram, due to their visual inclination. The Connected Home group works through blogs and reviews.

 Essential influencers in the industry are developers, business partners, CEO’s and CIO’s. Customers will read blog posts forums and reviews written by professionals in the industry to fix systems, or keep up with updates. Since the industry consists of multi-functional products, a company cannot forget to look for influencers outside of the tech industry.


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