Get With It

Two things that guarantee a strong foundation on social media are listening to consumers and developing a relationship.  Social media provides companies with a place to  listen and learn about customers. Conversations between customers provide insight on what they think about a product, trends in the industry, and who they are. Data on demographics of a target market are good, but knowing what the target audience likes and shares takes it a step further. Paying attention to social media is cheaper than conducting long, intensive surveys or other research. Listening also includes hearing customers’ negativity and product-related issues. Social media creates a bridge between a company and its customers. Through attentive monitoring of complaints, fast responsive customer service provides an edge above firms that don’t listen on social media.

With increased advertising, customers are looking for humanized advertising. It’s no longer about flashy TV commercials or annoying pop-up ads. Companies that use social media accounts to engage with customers help nurture a relationshipThere are several ways to connect online. It can be as simple as acknowledging users who commented or shared posts. Another way to connect online is by asking for feedback. These methods help build a solid relationship between companies and their customers through social media.

Some easy techniques to engage customers on social media include:

  • Posting motivational quotes
  • Posting something funny
  • Acknowledging your followers

The Intel Software Developer Zone Instagram demonstrates all three.

Finally, social media’s effects are felt outside the virtual world. Customers are looking for genuine products, and brands they can trust. The positive interactions a business has with a customer online will likely result in customers passing on their experience with others, creating potential new customers. Word of mouth is one of the most credible and effective forms of advertising, and good relationships lead to happy customers. One happy customer can generate a significant number of opportunities for attracting potential new customers to a company.


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