Advertising: Attention vs Retention

From the beginning, social media advertising has made huge strides in a relatively short amount of time. It has has unique aspects that traditional media lacks, such as larger demographic and psychographics groups are reached. Advertising can also be more effectively targeted to reach potential customers by analyzing their online activity and purchases. Furthermore, certain social media platforms offer lookalike targeting for businesses seeking to expand their audiences and reach new consumers.  However, for all its positives, there are multiple challenges when organizing and executing a social media advertising campaign because the power lays in the consumers hands once its online.

For example, like all advertising, social media advertising doesn’t always generate the desired outcome, if consumers do not find interest in the product being marketed. While initially social media marketers branded content effectively, they did so mostly because social media was a new delivery mechanism. In other words, when social media ads began, the first ads were so successful because they were the first of their kind, making them unique and sparking a lot of public interest. However, with the current masses of ads present across social media, marketers need to find new ways to stand out and target consumers among their competitors. One such strategy is crowd culture which focuses on the way in which the online community interacts, uses, and describe themselves online via online shopping and interests. Crowd culture allows social media to link diverse groups that otherwise wouldn’t be connected resulting in greater market visibility.

Mind Map

In addition, social media marketers have the common challenge of maintaining consumer attention on their ads in a society where individual’s have multiple screens vying for their attention. Media multitasking presents unique challenge as consumers, who have two screens open simultaneously (usually a television and smartphone), receive more targeted ads and often become distracted. The multiple screens, all with multiple advertisements, a consumer’s attention is sure to wane. Therefore, advertisers have to work to ensure that their ads and media placement are optimized. Finally, the rise and sudden decline of banner ads, demonstrates how advertisers are always looking for strategies to promote their products and services. Ultimately, while social media marketing has been extremely successful, it remains an evolving and complicated marketplace.



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